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face down upon the bar by captaen face down upon the bar by captaen
i always said you'd get far
but you're not the kid you used to be
someone should call your family

ok ref for melanchoyl my babe
i give up on anthros this turned out so terrible but i needed this asshole to have a ref

for the info i'm copy pasting some things hahahahaha


Full Name- Jacob (full name unknown)

Nickname- Melancholy (don't call him Jacob unless you want a punch in the face)

Age- 27

Gender- Male

S/O- Heterosexual

Status- Taken: Sherri; Dysfunctional

Species- Some wolf idek

Personality- Melancholy is a womanizer with a huge ego. He's been around women all of his life and knows just how to get to them. He's also very persistent. If a girl doesn't accept him, he'll continue to pester her until she either gives in or knocks him unconscious.
Again, he has a huge ego. He's dating Sherri but has been unfaithful before, in fact, multiple times. It's only because of the pair's past that they even stick together. He and Sherri seem to make a good couple in public, but when they aren't in public they practically torture each other. Sherri and Melancholy get on each others nerves too often, and it gets violent most of the time.
Besides being physically abusive to Sherri, he honestly loves her and struggles to be better to her. Deep down, he knows that he hurts her a lot and needs her. When he thinks like this, he can seem very frail, weak, or even horribly depressed. He usually doesn't understand the extent of what he does to others until it's over.

Likes- Sherri, clubs, just being with social in general???, women

Dislikes- The feeling of being alone, most other guys, other shit

Background- Melancholy grew up in a small rural town where Sherri also lived as a young child. Because it was so small, there wasn't much to do or many others to meet. This is the main reason why Melancholy and Sherri grew up being so close to each other.
However, their friendship only lasted until Melancholy was 10. Sherri had been subject to physical and possibly even drug abuse. Her father had been found out and Sherri was taken far away.
For 17 years of his life, Melancholy didn't know where Sherri had went. He went through severe depression and loneliness. At 18 years of age, he left his small town home and went for the cities. He no longer wanted to remember Sherri.
At the city where he lived, he became infamous for causing trouble with the police. When he was 20, he finally decided to work somewhere other than the local fast food chain (where he managed to work on his "amazing" flirting skills) and found good work as a host at a nightclub.
He worked there until he was 22. One night, trouble stirred in the crowd he hosted. Someone had just gotten into a fight. That someone happened to be the missing best friend Melancholy had prayed to meet again every single night since she was gone. It was Sherri.
Sherri and Melancholy stayed friends for another year. On Sherri's 22nd birthday (Melancholy was 23), Melancholy asked for a relationship with her and she agreed.
The fights began a few months afterward when Melancholy came home drunk. He wasn't a happy drunk, either. The only others that know about their fights are their close friends Blake, Dezzy (blake and dezzy belong 2 =catugly), and Marley.
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